Is a landing page an MVP?

A landing page can be the ideal MVP for any startup, as it allows users to validate whether the idea is worth pursuing or has enough potential to succeed. Many famous companies like Facebook or Airbnb did not start with full-fledged software. They tested MVP on their potential market and the results were more successful.

How do I test an online business idea?

Online businesses are booming, especially after the impact of Covid-19. However, as with a physical business, there is always the risk with an online business. The good thing is that you can test your online business idea for potential. Here’s how you can do it.

Have a clear picture

Before proceeding with testing, you should know your business feasibility. It would be helpful if you had clear answers to these questions:

  • What market are you going to target?
  • Is there enough market potential?
  • What are the challenges?
  • Where is the gap?
  • How many situations are there in the market?
  • How does your product perform better than others?

What do competitors do?

If you are starting an online business in a market with competitors, you need to do a competitive analysis. Conduct a market survey online and see what the competition is doing and what you can do better. Take note of the loopholes in the market and try to focus your business on them to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Use a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Think of MVP as a prototype of your business idea. A successful MVP model can determine the potential of your online business. If your online business idea involves products, use a landing page to test the product. Minimum Viable Product is a great strategy that can be implemented in almost any online business. It can help your business identify areas for improvement.

Test product

If MVP shows potential in your business, test your business with the target customer. Using a smaller audience for the initial test is ideal. If feedback is mostly positive, conduct a similar test with a larger audience.

Use feedback

Feedback is the blueprint for any successful business, whether online or physical. Use the feedback you received during the testing phase and see what can be tweaked or improved.

Create an advertising plan

After improving feedback, create an advertising strategy according to the type of product. Start with a smaller investment to test which social media is best for your business.

Keep experimenting.

Keep experimenting with A/B testing or multiple advertising tactics until you find what works best for your business.


Using landing pages to validate your MVP is a great way to get the results of the idea early. If your idea involves a web or mobile application, but you’re not a programming expert, don’t worry. Platforms like EarlyBird allow users to create landing pages in no time without using any code.