How to find your long-tail keyword?

As usual, when searching for long tails, we start with general keyword research.

When the research is complete, you must now decide which of them is best suited. It is important for your selection that there is already a relevant search volume for the keyword. However, it should not be too competitive.

Note that some search queries are seasonal or vary greatly by region. Especially in the case of local offers, it naturally makes sense to establish the regional reference by adding a location to the long tail keyword: “Best gym for women Hamburg”.

No two people have the same vocabulary. Therefore, be sure to consider synonyms as well. Example: car → PKW, vehicle, Kfz, passenger car, vehicle, drivable undercarriage, … We ourselves prefer to use WOXIKON for researching synonyms.

In SEO-optimized texts, the central long-tail keyword should naturally be found again. Only then does Google recognize a relevance. Always keep in mind that content must ultimately please people and not just search engines.